How to Dye your Hair at Home!

How to Dye your Hair at Home!

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Dying your hair at home can be a great way to get your hair to look exactly the way you want it to look for nearly a faction of the price!

Watch my a video on how I dye my hair at home!

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TIPS & Tricks!

1)   Always dye your with a day or 2 old hair!

2)   Pick a color you are comfortable with! ( Try on wigs if this is your first time dying your hair!)

3)   Protect your clothing, and your home from dye stains! (Towel everywhere!)

4)   Wear Gloves!! (Gloves protect your hair from the chemicals and dye)

5)   Coat your hairline, ears, and neck with Vaseline! (this will help you with dye removal!)

6)   Use the conditioner supplied in the dye kit! (its supplied to you for a reason =)

7)   Wait the correct amount of time before you rinse!

8)   Avoid extended sun exposure! (It can cause your hair to fade.….)

If you have any additional tips leave them in a comment below!



How to dye your hair at home!

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Review| Tutorial Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Explosion in Luminizing Forest Fury

Hello all my Beauty Dolls!                               finish

Todays videos is a Review and Wearable Green Saint Patrick’s Day Eye Shadow  Look! I am going to be review Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color explosion in Luminizing Forest Fury!


(It is up on Monday The 17th for Saint Patricks Day!)



I found that it isa long lasting shadow and I feel that It goes magnificently with my dark hair! Every time that I wear this look I end up getting many compliments! Hey! What women does not enjoy the complement “ You look beautiful today! “ LOL  On a more serious note…

Lets Talk Pigmentation—– (My Definition—how intense a color shows up on the skin!)  Pigmentation levels : very sheer, low-intensity,  vivid and high-intensity. For the most part the 4 out of 5 shadows in this pallet were vivid / High intensity! THUMBS Up Maybelline!




Lets Talk Product—– I adore this product! I will be purchasing additional colors!




Brilliant Purples: AMETHYST ABLAZE



For those of you that are brand new to the product! Here is the Maybelline New York Commercial!