Sexy Summer Legs- 5 Minute Summer Workout Challenge

Sexy Summer Legs- 5 Minute Summer Workout Challenge Summer Workout Challenge

Summer is here! I am freaking out getting those legs ready for summer!If your anything like me. I do not like being in the gym for hours! I want a simple 5 minute workout that will get my heart racing and my body shaking. Get ready for the work out that is going to turn your legs into your favorite feature this summer! Lets go!   Do each exercise for 1 min for a 5 minute EXTRA workout! For an extra boost do this  in addition to your normal workout! Sexy Summer Legs- 5 Minute Workout Challenge
1. Speed Squats
2. Adductor phone holds
3.  Floor Plie Pulse
4. Speed wall CALF raises (30 seconds each leg)
5. Switching Jump Lungs If you would rather do this workout by yourself here is the circuit timer that I created for the is workout! Get your water bottle and towel ready! This is a tough one!