Welcome To Lancengi

Recent brand work and collaborations include:Remington, Macshadowcombos, and Dauphines of New York. 

‘Lancengi’ was founded in 2009, by Gianna – the ‘gi’ of Lancengi. Gianna Barnett is a current student studying to get her BS in Business Marketing. While pursing her career path, she aspires to transform beginners into beauty gurus! As an educated consumer, fashionista, and nail art junkie  – Gianna loves sharing her passions and techniques to audiences worldwide. Her how-to tutorials allow subscribers, users, and others to connect and gain valuable tricks and techniques that they are able to use all year round – from nail art designs to hairstyles that’ll never go out of style!

If you would like to work with Gianna Please

Contact: Beautydollmani@gmail.com